SJWs Angry About Jason Reitman Ghostbusters Movie

    Recently we reported that Jason Reitman, son of Ivan Reitman was secretly working on a sequel to the original Ghostbusters films directed by his father.  The film is said to ignore Paul Feig’s 2016 heap of ‘progressive’ trash disrespectfully entitled: Ghostbusters. Instead, it is a continuation of the original films which focuses on four teens, two boys and two girls.

    ‘Comedian’ Leslie Jones, who starred in Feig’s fiasco, gnashed her teeth in NPC rage via a grammatically flawed Tweet:

    So insulting. Like f*ck us. We dint count. It’s like something trump would do. (Trump voice)”Gonna redo ghostbusteeeeers, better with men, will be huge. Those women ain’t ghostbusteeeeers” ugh so annoying. Such a d*ck move. And I don’t give f*ck I’m saying something!!

    Jones has revealed herself many times to be a foul, loathsome creature who has no business posting anything on social media save: “I’m sorry, for everything.” so we can safely ignore any of the subhuman chittering from her dark, dank neck of the woods.

    Hannah Woodhead, from the website Little White Lies even went so far as to pen an open letter to Jason Reitman, riddled with sarcasm and backhanded compliments. She all but accused the director of only having a place in Hollywood because of his father and that anything that didn’t feature a cast full of women, or perhaps transgender actors, was the wrong thing to do.

    Well Hannah, contemplate this on the tree of woe.

    You all know my thoughts on the SJW/NPC vermin. I think they are the most dangerous, abhorrent incarnation of humanity to ever come into existence. While I don’t see the particular need, nor have a hankering for another Ghostbusters movie, I certainly can’t fathom why anyone in their right mind would care what an SJW thinks would make a good one. Ghostbusters 2016 should never have been made.  And It most certainly should not have been made by NPC scum like Feig. Any form of entertainment that is riddled with the disgusting ideology of the regressive left should be purged from human history. Pretending like it never existed is a kind thing to do.

    If only it were so easy to dispense with the leftist plague that currently haunts us.

    Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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