The Little Mermaid Trailer


The Little Mermaid trailer has finally arrived.

Toruk's Take

I think this tweet from ThePencilPimp best sums up my thoughts on this trailer.

Putting the offensive racebending aside. Brown people underwater don’t look very good on film.  Instead of bright and vibrant this just comes across as…muddy. This may be a decision that bites Disney in the ass purely for technical reasons.


One fun development that came from this trailer was seeing YouTuber Grace Randolph explode in pure copium-rage at the notion that her reaction trailer was heavily downvoted.

The debate stemmed from the results of a Chrome plugin that was developed to reveal the dislikes of YouTube videos after YouTube hid this functionality from the user. Some believe they did this to protect the brand of large companies (like Disney). YouTube claims they did it to “protect” small creators.

It would be nice to get some confirmation on the validity and accuracy of this plugin so we can put this argument to rest. For now, I suppose we’ll just have to leave to faith.

Final thoughts, like most live-action Disney remakes, the trailer looks painfully mundane.


The Little Mermaid starring: Jonah Hauer-King, Melissa McCarthy, Javier Bardem, Noma Dumezweni, Art Malik, Lorena Andrea, Kajsa Mohammar, and Halle Bailey hits theaters next year on May 26.

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