What is The Moment of Intent?

What is the moment of intent?


In marketing, the moment of intent is when a consumer is ready to take action. They have decided that they are going to take that plunge by initiating a course of action that may lead them to…purchase…something.


Or something along those lines, for me it has always meant something more dynamic, more…meaningful. For me, the moment of intent is when a protagonist or antagonist in a story embraces or reaffirms their destiny. Metaphorically (and sometimes literally), it is a choice to leap from a tall cliff, to run into a burning building, to punch a bully in the nose.


But by and large, It is an action that signifies where they stand in their world.

Who they stand with. Who they stand against.


It is a characters quintessential declaration of who. they. are.


For me, it is without the doubt one of the best parts of any story. I look for them like a truffle hog does truffles. like a prospector searches for gold. like Gargamel searches for Smurfs.


They come in many types and varieties…from the smallest, to the largest of gestures. But once you’ve recognized one, you can recognize them all.


The moment of intent series brings to light these moments so that they can be celebrated like the little gems they are.