Alterna Comics Owner Peter Semiti Swatted By Vile SJWs

    Alterna Comic Book Publisher Peter Simeti was the victim of swatting last night. The publisher tweeted about his encounter on his Twitter account:

    ‘Swatting’ is a dangerous harassment tactic that entails sending police and emergency service response teams to a person’s address triggered by a false report usually pertaining to a bomb threat, murder or a hostage situation. Not only can this type of act lead to the potential death of the victim, it is a serious criminal offense that can cost the city up to $10,000 dollars.

    Peter Simeti

    Peter Simeti has long been a target of SJW’s and NPCs because of his refusal to be kowtowed and denounce the Comics-gate movement led by individuals like Ethan Van Sciver and Richard C. Meyer. Simeti, an Asian American, has been accused of being a ‘White Supremacist’ for his stances on Meritocracy and professionalism from creative professionals. One offense that drew much ire from the rabid and vile blue-haired mob was his edict that those under his employ not use “block-bots” (a blocklist service used to block various people based on who they choose to follow) on Twitter. Simeti’s harassment was so severe that at one point he admitted that he thought of ending his life.

    Simeti filed a report with the police and they are currently investigating the false call. While he has said that he cannot comment directly on the ongoing investigation he has asked to be direct messaged if someone is found posting suspicious Tweets:

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