Zak Penn To Adapt Rom: Spaceknight Film For Allspark

    I’ve always been curious to see a Rom: Spaceknight movie. Rom was created by Scott Dankman, Richard C. Levy, and Bryan L. McCoy for Parker Brothers which is now a subsidiary of Hasbro. The character was licensed out to Marvel Comics who fleshed out his origin, giving him a personality, back-story, and supporting characters. His first title ran for 75 issues. Not bad for a character Time magazine said would be soon forgotten in 1979. Enter 2018, and we have a Rom film in the works.

    Deadline reports that Zak Penn, whose latest work entails writing the screenplay for Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One is going to adapt Rom for Hasbro’s Allspark Pictures. Allspark is behind Hasbro’s connected cinematic universe that is suppose to be their answer to Marvel and DC.

    While I’ve always liked the character Rom I’m not really a fan of Zak’s work. Probably the only thing I like that he did was 2008’s The Incredible Hulk, which ironically…everyone else hates, so make of that what you will. At any rate, supposing that this is done well, it will be a good counter for the type of superhero flicks currently on the market. With DC continuing to make bizarre decisions, such as hiring an SJW, race-baiting hag like DuVernay to helm Jack Kirby’s The New Gods and Marvel continuing its spiral down the Identity Politics rabbit hole the market is ripe for a voice that is uncontaminated and free of agendas.

    Let’s see if Allspark is smart enough to take advantage of it.

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