YouTube Attacks Conservatives…Again, Wonder Woman Poster, and Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Story Trailer

    YouTube Attacks Conservatives…Again

    Steven Crowder from the Louder With Crowder show did a video not too long ago where he ripped Vox’s Carlos Maza a rather sizable new orifice in his nether regions for claiming that Fox News, i.e., conservatives, dominated the medias narratives. I know, he seriously claimed this.

    After this public drumming by the comedian, Maza whimpered online to YouTube that Crowder was ‘harassing’ him and essentially demanded that he be censored and de-platformed. YouTube’s initial response was that Crowder’s routine did not violate their terms of service. This of course enraged an army of twinks, furries, drag-queens, trans, smurfs, pixies and every other alphabet letter in the LGBT lexicon.

    This has unsurprisingly led YouTube to preemptively attempt to appease the SJW horde by conducting another terms of service update and subsequent purge of undesirables. Under the guise of banning “Supremacist Content” YouTube, taking a page from Facebook is going to use this excuse to censor, demonetize and ban those who hold views the left doesn’t like. Everyone knows that according to the regressive left anything to the right of Karl Marx is an ‘Alt-Right Nazi’ so this move is as transparent as glass.

    Conservatives really underestimate the draw they have online. If every conservative left Twitter and YouTube and exclusively used sites like BitChute and Gab those other sites would whither and die. We bring the heat. We bring the fire. Unfortunately, it is going to take being beaten down until they can’t move an inch on these censorious platforms before they finally give up leave.

    Time to leave the nest guys, you already know you can fly.

    Wonder Woman 1984 Poster

    Who would have thought that 2017’s Wonder Woman would become the gold standard for superhero movies starring females? I thought the film was okay but after the unadulterated horror show that was Captain Marvel and now Batwoman the film may as well be Citizen Kane by comparison. Diana is a breath of fresh Goddess air compared to those man-hating, feminist harpies.

    Director Patty Jenkins tweeted out a picture of the warrior princess in an outfit that was apparently popular at one time during the comic book run. Hopefully the next film keeps the same spirit of the first and eschews the toxic pitfalls of today’s ‘progressive’ messaging.



    Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Story Trailer

    Sadly, I don’t have time to play games…but I can look wistfully at the pretty pictures. Capcom’s Monster Hunter World definitely has pretty pictures. This new story trailer for the latest game promises to introduce new mysteries and raise new questions.

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