The Yellow Birds Trailer #1

    Yellow Birds is a war movie directed by Alexandre Moors (Blue Caprice, 2013) and based off of a novel by Iraq war vet Kevin Powers. My research of the book revealed that basically the story argues that war sucks and screws people up in the head. Well, thank you for your service Kevin and yes, I agree, war sucks. But unfortunately, war is also necessary. That is, unless, you plan on being one of those civilizations that bends the knee to every invader that happens to come calling.

    I suppose you could argue that being in a pointless war is particularly egregious. Saddam Hussein was a scumbag. But I think he was a scumbag who served a useful purpose…he butchered and killed even worse scumbags. So, in many respects I sympathize with your position.

    Yeah, looks like it sounds. Solemn, ominous…Oscar-baity. Jennifer Aniston kind of stands out though, the milf-ness is just too strong with that one for this kind of flick.

    Yellow Birds starring Alden Ehrenreich, Tye Sheridan, Jack Huston, Jennifer Aniston, Toni Colette, Jason Patric, and Lee Tergesen is available via DirectTV Cinema May 17th and Video on Demand June 15th.

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