Y: The Last Man Gets A New Showrunner, Alex Kurtzman Fired? and The Banana Splits Trailer

    Y: The Last Man Gets A New Showrunner

    After losing Michael Green and Aida Mashaka Croal back
    in April, the FX series based on the graphic novels
    by Brian K.Vaughan Y: The Last Man or now just “Y” has
    brought on executive producer and playwright Eliza Clark to serve
    as showrunner.

    She worked on the show The Killing which was okay.

    She also worked on Extant…which was not.

    Source Variety

    Alex Kurtzman Fired? (Rumor)

    I have not set one foot near Star Trek: Discovery. The unmitigated stench of J.J Abrams and his horde repels me from all of their works. If this rumor is true however, it will signify that there truly is a benevolent entity out there that has finally decided to act to protect (or avenge ) the Star Trek universe from this scourge of the entertainment industry.

    Not one, but two little birdies (sources) contacted YouTuber Victor Von Doomcock to inform him that Alex Kurtzman has not only been fired from the new Picard show but also Star Trek: Discovery.

    Doomcock reported before that the test screenings for Star Trek: Picard were “disastrous” with 75-80% of the audience reactions being negative. According to these sources the studio has decided to buy out Kurtzman’s contract. They say that instead of working on Picard or STD he will be offered a different show to work on.

    Strange way to fire someone if this is true but I suppose getting him away from Star Trek is
    a victory in and of itself, even if it means some other creative property must suffer.

    Again, this is just a rumor, no major outlet has confirmed any of this. But it sure would be nice if it turns out to be true. The Abramsverse is a steaming trash heap that should have never been given the spark of life. It is high time someone snuffed it out.

    The Banana Splits Trailer

    Things turn unexpectedly deadly when a young boy and his family attend the taping of The Banana Splits TV Show. Directed by Danishka Esterhazy and written by Jed Elinoff and Scott Thomas.

    Umm…okay. Something tells me only adults are killed in this flick. But who knows, maybe it is actually really dark. For now, it just looks kinda silly.

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