William Shatner The Merciful, Ron Howard Takes a Crack at Animation, and The Killerman Trailer

    William Shatner The Merciful

    Let it never be said that William Shatner isn’t a merciful and forgiving guy. Some time ago when he was first on Twitter YouTuber and ‘supervillain’ Dicktor Van Doomcock said something that rubbed the veteran actor and Star Trek icon the wrong the way. He was summarily blocked and that was that.

    Despite this current circumstance, Doomcock was one of the many people who came to Shatners defense when he was attacked by vile SJWs for the simple act of existing.

    Upon this event someone took it upon themselves to approach Shatner about the possibility of lifting the ban on one of his most devout and stalwart fans. Shatner considered, and proposed that if Doomcock’s audience could raise $1000 for a charity of this choosing that he would lift the ban. The Fandom Menace rose to the challenge and Shatner was good on his word, lifting the ban.

    it’s good to see that in this dark time there are still sparks of light to report on.

    Ron Howard Takes A Crack At Animation

    Via his and Brian Grazer’s company Imagine Entertainment, Ron Howard (Backdraft, Willow) is set to direct the animated adaptation of “The Shrinking of Treehorn”, a children’s book by Florence Parry Heide.

    The story is about a young man who begins to shrink after playing a strange board game. Paramount pictures will be releasing the film.

    I suppose after back-to-back flubs like Inferno and Solo: A Star Wars Story an animated feature might seem like a safer bet. Maybe.

    Source Variety

    Killerman Trailer

    Written and directed by Malik Bader Killerman stars Liam Hemsworth as a New York City money launderer who wakes up with drugs, millions of dollars of stolen cash, and no memory.

    Looks like Liam is trying to carve out his own niche. Taking on darker, more morally ambiguous roles while his brother Chris continues with lighter, more comedic-fare.

    This movie though, looks like a rental. Not that it looks bad, just that it doesn’t look like $30 bucks good.

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