Will The Playstation 5 Have Backwards Compatibility?

    Back on the Playstation 2 it was extremely convenient to pop in your old Playstation 2 games “with the greatest of ease”. When the Playstation 3 and 4 would not allow support for that feature it left many players (including myself) confused with a dash of salt. All hope is not lost though. According to Techradar, a newly-uncovered patent may allow the Playstation 5 to not only support Playstation 4 titles but PS3, PS2, and PSX titles as well.

    Techradar states:

    “The patent, numbered 2019-503013, was filed by the PS4’s lead architect Mark Cerny, and describes a process that would allow the next-gen CPU to interpret the CPU of previous machines. It focuses on synchronization errors – making sure that newer, more powerful hardware only sends required the information from a game in response to a call from the title itself, rather than jumping the gun and overwriting data being held in RAM.”

    Should Sony put this into effect it will definitely be a huge selling point and honestly just give all the games we can’t bring ourselves to give away a new breath of life.

    Source: Techradar

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