When SJWS Attack: Grace Randolph

    Sooo… for those who don’t know, Grace Randolph is a You Tuber. She covers movie and tv news. Grace is also an SJW. I do not like her, or more specifically, I do not like her woke politics. Grace has never met a race or gender swap she didn’t like. She pushes vaccines whenever she gets a chance. She can’t go 2 minutes in one of her videos without yammering about diversity and representation. She checks every possible box she can to be a good little SJW. But as anyone who despises that horrible ideology understands.

    You never be woke enough.

    SJWs are cannibals, and they love to eat their own.

    So what’s the hubbub? Apparently Grace Randolph reviewed the poop-show upcoming Marvel flick Shang-Chi and gave it a good review. Shocking, I know. Marvel even sent out a Tweet with a thumbnail captioning something she said in the review “Top Tier Marvel”.

    Now I don’t believe this movie is going to be top tier anything, but hey, a shill is going to shill. But still, what’s the outrage? Let’s take a peek:

    The Alex Jones of film criticism? This statement makes no sense. She’s racist? Well, all SJWs are racist, including the above wacko, because they are obsessed with race. But I don’t think this slug means it in the way I just described. She “attacked” Cathy Yen? I think they mean Cathy Yan. Ah, it must mean she didn’t stick her tongue far enough up Yan’s rump when she reviewed Yan’s horrible, terribly bad move Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn). “You could have lifted the voices of Asian Critics”. Perhaps they will, but how many Asian critics have as much clout within superhero genre as Grace Randolph? I suspect…none.

    This muppet is upset that Grace was lukewarm about the Shang-Chi trailers. Ya hear that Grace? Not enough lathering. You can tell this creature isn’t in touch with reality from what it has in its name BLM & #StopAsianHate. Hilarity, if you want to stop Asian hate you might want to talk to the blacks…in BLM.

    This commie is upset she isn’t commie enough. Where do these creatures come from? Twitter is a cesspool. These are your people, Grace!

    Another one upset that a reviewer is being used as a source for reviews. I think we’ve seen enough. These are psychos doing what psychos do.

    Grace Randolph, I hope this incident opens your eyes to the error of your ways. That error was embracing the woke ideology. It is a horrid ideology that only leads to bad things. You can never appease it. You can never satiate it. It is a hellfire that consumes all whom embrace it.

    Save yourself.

    Reject it.

    Or it will destroy you.

    Everything woke turns to sh–.

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