What would happen if drugs became legal?

    How’s the war on drugs going? By the look of things there seems to be more drugs being used now then in any time in history. Billions of dollars are being spent in the shadow market on illegal drugs. So it begs the question, what happens if we legalize, tax and regulate everthing?

    Ask a few people this question and what you usually get back is “I don’t want my children exposed to drugs” or “People will die”. When you ask these questions to yourself the answers are clear, because we know our children are exposed to drugs and people die today because of them. Responsible adults usually make decisions understanding the risks.

    The risks are there whether states cash in or not, it would stand to reason theres a great deal of good that could come from legalization. Alcohol & Tobacco combined bring in about 40 billion dollars of revenue annually. If we can multiply that number by 4 or 5 thats a lot of money that could be put to great use.

    On it’s face the idea flies in the face of reality, an everything you were taught to believe. Think outside the box an you may find a few billion reasons why it’s better then what’s being done now.

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