Wendy – Official Trailer


Written and directed by Behn Zeitlin Wendy is a ‘re-imagining’ of the story of Peter-Pan.

Toruk's Take

We’ve seen this dynamic too many times now.

Too lazy or devoid of talent to come up with their own iconic female character the regressives hijack and proceed to cuck the primary male protagonist in favor of ‘uplifting’ a female to supplant him. In this case they decided to go whole hog. Remove the pesky white male hero altogether, replace him with a minority and raise up Wendy to stand by his side as the new face civilization. Yikes. SJW’s wet dream indeed.

They never seem to learn. Respect can never be stolen. Equality can never be bestowed.

These things must be earned.

This is a universal constant that will never change, no matter how hard they try.

Wendy starring Devin France flops into theaters February 28, 2020.