Week-in-Review: Weekend Box Office, Lord of the Rings TV Show and Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Adaptation

    Top of the Box Office Is a Quiet Place

    According to Box Office Mojo, last weekend’s saw yet another change at the top of the box office. While Steven Spielberg’s $175 million blockbuster extravaganza Ready Player One continued to draw in the crowds, it was nevertheless unseated from the top by a horror flick made for mere $17 million. A Quiet Place was directed by John Krasinski (best known for his role of Jim Halpert in the sitcom The Office) and stars both him and his real-life wife Emily Blunt (Edge of Tomorrow) as a couple hiding from monstrous creatures that hunt by using their sense of hearing. In its opening weekend, A Quiet Place earned a bit over $50 million, while Ready Player One dropped to the second place, having earned $24,6 million.

    In the third place with $20,5 million is Blockers, a sex comedy following three parents – played by Ike Barinholtz (Suicide Squad), Leslie Mann (40-Year-Old Virgin) And John Cena (John Cena) – as they try to prevent their daughters from each losing their virginity on their prom night. Black Panther dropped to the fourth place by grossing $8,7 million but not before surpassing Titanic as one of the most successful movies in the American cinematic history. Finally, in the fifth place of the last weekend’s box office is the psychological thriller Tyler Perry’s Acrimony with $8,3 million.

    Amazon’s Lord of the Rings May Be the Most Expensive TV Show Ever

    While not much is known about the Amazon’s upcoming Lord of the Rings TV show, one thing is clear: the show will be insanely expensive. As this article from The Hollywood Reporter tells it, Amazon expects to spend around $1 billion on what might easily be the most expensive show in the history of television.

    Even acquiring rights for this adaptation was insanely costly: last November, Amazon beat out Netflix by offering $250 million merely for the rights deal with the estate of the late J. R. R. Tolkien who, ironically, throughout his life remained skeptical about the attempts to adapt his works for other media. Amazon then proceeded to make deals with the book publisher HarperCollins as well as with New Line Cinema that owns the movie rights. According to the deal, Amazon has already committed itself to producing five seasons of Lord of the Rings TV show. Furthermore, the production needs to start in the next two years or Amazon will lose all the acquired rights. Best of all, there’s also a chance that Bob and Harvey Weinstein might pop up at any moment and try to claim a cut of the profits since they used to control the movie rights. This allowed them to earn around $12 million from the first Hobbit movie, despite having nothing to do with the movie’s production.

    Entertainment – its serious business.

    David S. Goyer to Tackle Isaac Asimov’s Foundation

    And speaking of serious, Variety reports that Apple plans to develop a TV show based on the Foundation trilogy of novels by Isaac Asimov. And who better to tackle this ideas-heavy epic story about science, history, and destiny than David S. Goyer, best known for his work on superhero movies such as Blade and Man of Steel? Surely, he’s exactly the caliber of the screenwriter who can wrestle with the exposition-heavy prose of Asimov’s science fiction classic!

    Set in the distant future in the decadent and corrupt Galactic Empire, Foundation follows mathematician Hari Seldon as he develops a scientific method of predicting the future and, realizing that the Empire will soon collapse, creates a foundation that will try to preserve human knowledge for future generations. Previous attempts to adapt Asimov’s seemingly unfilmable trilogy failed. The last one was in 2015 when Jonathan Nolan tried to develop a Foundation TV show for HBO before moving to his remake of Westworld.

    Now, Goyer will serve as the show’s head writer and executive producer alongside Josh Friedman, who previously worked on Steven Spielberg’s 2005 film War of the Worlds as well as on the TV show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The show is being produced by Skydance Television, a company that owns rights to shows such as Altered Carbon for Netflix and Jack Ryan for Amazon.

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