Honest Thief Steals the Box Office… Again

In its second weekend in cinemas, Honest Thief continued dominating the box office, reports the Box Office Mojo. This action crime thriller featuring Liam Neeson, Jai Courtney, Robert Patrick, Kate Walsh as well as the breakout superstar Tazzie grossed $2,3 million, bringing its total domestic earnings up to $7,6 million with another $5,3 million earned overseas.

In second place is once again The War with Grandpa. This family comedy featuring Robert de Niro as Grandpa and Oakes Fegley as The War earned $1,9 million last weekend. Its domestic gross currently stands at $9,8 million, with another $4,2 million earned abroad.

A sole newcomer among the top five movies of the weekend is Halloween-appropriate horror flick The Empty Man. Starring James Badge Dale (Pacific, Rubicon), Marin Ireland (The Umbrella Academy), and Stephen Root (The Man in the High Castle), the film tells a story about a small-town sheriff who, while investigating a series of mysterious disappearances, stumbles upon a terrifying supernatural entity. In its inaugural weekend, The Empty Man grossed $1,3 million. Tenet is in fourth place with approximately $1,3 million (Warner Bros. still refuses to disclose how much did the film exactly earn) while in fifth place is the stop-motion animated film The Nightmare Before Christmas with $577,000.

Y: The Last Man Starts Shooting

It looks like The FX finally began shooting its adaptation of the graphic novel Y: The Last Man by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra. Its showrunner, writer, and executive producer Eliza Clark (Animal Kingdom, The Killing) revealed the news on her Instagram, says SlashFilm.

The show was stuck in development hell for years. Around 2007, New Line Cinema wanted to adapt it into a movie, but the plans fell through. The FX began developing the TV adaptation in 2015. Four years later, the network announced the show would come out this year. Instead, showrunners Michael Green and Aida Mashaka Croal left the production due to creative differences. In the following months, actors Barry Keoghan (Dunkirk), Lashana Lynch (Captain Marvel), and Imogen Poots (Green Room) followed suit. Producers replaced them with Ben Schnetzer (Warcraft), Ashley Romans (NOS4AT2), and Olivia Thirlby (Dredd).

A multiple Eisner Award winner, Y: The Last Man takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where a mysterious plague killed all male mammals. All of them, that is, except for Yorick Brown and his pet monkey Ampersand. As the duo navigates the devastated remains of the United States, they meet friends and enemies along the way, while searching for the cause of this global disaster.

HBO Max and Cartoon Network Team Up for Genndy Tartakovsky’s Unicorn: Warriors Eternal

HBO Max and Cartoon Network will join forces to produce the latest animated TV show by Genndy Tartakovsky: Unicorn: Warriors Eternal. According to BloodyDisgusting, the series will follow a team of ancient heroes fighting equally old evil. Originally unicorns, they wake one day in the bodies of modern-day teenagers with their memories lost and powers weakened. As heroes learn to navigate their hormone-fueled teenage lives, they also need to rediscover their powers, because the evil force is here again.

While the premise may sound silly, this is Tartakovsky we’re talking about here. 25 years ago he helped create Dexter’s Laboratory – the first original animated TV show in the Cartoon Network lineup. Since then, Tartakovsky’s ambitions grew. Over the years, he created several highly-stylized, action-packed shows like Samurai Jack (a saga of medieval samurai stuck in dystopian sci-fi future), Primal (a story about one man and his Tyrannosaurus Rex), and Star Wars: Clone Wars (possibly the best thing related to George Lucas’ prequel trilogy). Tartakovsky also directed the three Hotel Transylvania CGI-animated feature films for kids.