Week-in-Review: Weekend Box Office, Star Wars, Hitman and The Umbrella Academy

    Ragnarok Rules

    In its second weekend, Thor Ragnarok continued to dominate the movie theaters, reports Box Office Mojo. TaikaWaititi’s irreverent take on the Marvel Comics’ god-like superhero proved out financially more successful than the previous two Thor movies. In its second weekend, Thor Ragnarok earned just over $57 million, bringing its total up to $212 million.

    In the second place of the weekend box office is Daddy’s Home 2. This family comedy featuring Linda Cardellini, Will Ferrell, John Lithgow, Mark Wahlberg and Mel Gibson earned $29.6 million in its first weekend in cinemas. In the third place with $28.6 million is another newcomer, Kenneth Branagh’s adaptation of Agatha Christie’s mystery novel Murder on the Orient Express. A Bad Moms Christmas dropped to the fourth place from the last weekend’s second with $11.5 million, while the horror movie Jigsaw is in the fifth place with $3.4 million.

    New Star Wars Movie Trilogy, TV Series In The Works

    Lucasfilm recently announced that the filmmaker Rian Johnson, who directed and co-wrote the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi will also helm the filming of the next Star Wars trilogy. President of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy picked Johnson to take the long-running franchise into a new direction. Star Wars News site promises this isn’t just an empty wording: next trilogy will supposedly take place in a previously unexplored corner of the galaxy and feature events far away from the Skywalker family drama we’ve followed through pretty much all the Star Wars movies.

    Atop of this, Disney chairman Bob Iger announced that a live-action Star Wars TV series is in the works, says Variety. After years of speculations about such a project, Iger confirmed that the show will first air on Disney’s own streaming platform after it’s launched in in 2019.

    Hitman Hits Hulu

    Hitman, a long-running series of computer games about an unflappable, unstoppable contract killer, is heading out to Hulu. Deadline reports that the the show’s producer will be Derek Kolstad, creator of another well-known unflappable, unstoppable contract killer – John Wick. Kolstad will also write the pilot episode of as-yet-unnamed Hitman TV show.

    Agent 47 first appeared in the 2000 game Hitman: Codename 47. Since then, Agent 47 – also called “Mr. 47” or, more casually among his friends, “47” – has appeared in eight games combining violence and infiltration. So far, the games have been adapted into movies twice. In 2007, French director Xavier Gans made Hitman starring Timothy Olyphant as the titular bald protagonist and Olga Kurylenko as eye candy. Almost a decade later, Polish-German filmmaker Aleksander Bach directed the eminently forgettable Hitman: Agent 47, starring Rupert Friend.

    Ellen Page To Star In The Umbrella Academy TV Series

    Variety reports that the actress Ellen Page joined the cast of the upcoming Netflix superhero series The Umbrella Academy. The show is based on the Eisner Award-winning 2007 comic book series illustrated by Gabriel Bá and written by Gerard Way, former lead singer of the band My Chemical Romance. The Umbrella Academy tells a story of a dysfunctional family of bizarre superheroes dealing with – and investigating – the death of their father. Page will play the role of Vanya, an estranged member of the family who seemingly possesses no superpowers.

    Ellen Page is no stranger to superhero movies. Before her breakout role in the 2007 indie comedy Juno, Page played Kitty Pryde in X-Men: The Last Stand in 2006. She later reprised her role in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Not only that, but Page also appears as an unhinged sidekick to a wannabe-superhero (Rainn Wilson) in James Gunn’s 2010 dark comedy Super.

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