Week-in-Review: Weekend Box Office, Harley Quinn, Sabrina and… Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek?

    Coco Keeps Charming The Box Office

    In what must have been a rare occurrence, last weekend’s order of top grossing movies was exactly the same as it was the weekend before. Either these five movies have incredible staying power or this is just the quiet before the storm because Star Wars: The Last Jedi hasn’t come out yet.

    Box Office Mojo reports that Coco continued to dominate the box office in its second week in cinemas. The latest animated feature film by Disney and Pixar held the first place of the weekend box office by earning $27.5 million, which brought its total gross up to over $110 million. Justice League is still in the second place with a weekend gross of $16.6 million and a total gross reaching almost $200 million. Wonder, a drama starring Julia Roberts, continues to do well, with a weekend box office gross of $12 million. In its fifth weekend in cinemas, Thor: Ragnarok remains among the top five movies of the weekend with $9.8 million while the holiday comedy Daddy’s Home 2 is, again, in the fifth place with $7.5 million.

    Standalone Harley Quinn Movie In The Works

    In a recent interview with MTV, Australian actress Margot Robbie confirmed rumors about a standalone Harley Quinn movie being in the works. This comes atop news of at least three other live action projects featuring the character: a sequel to a Suicide Squad, a stand-alone movie that should reunite Robbie’s Harley Quinn with Jared Leto’s Joker and a movie adaptation of Gotham City Sirens – a popular comic book series about Harley Quinn teaming up with Poison Ivy and Catwoman. You can check the clip from the interview below.

    Now, if even three superhero blockbuster movies featuring Joker’s girlfriend aren’t enough for you, Warner Bros. also wants Robbie to lend her voice to Harley Quinn in the upcoming animated show revolving around the character. While Robbie’s Harley Quinn was a standout in the otherwise dreadful Suicide Squad, this whole thing sounds a bit ridiculous, making it sound as if DC Extended Universe somehow lacks any other interesting heroes and villains to depict.

    Sabrina To Get a Riverdale Treatment

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, a spin-off to a teen noir drama Riverdale focusing on Sabrina the teenage witch will be heading out to Netflix. Not only that, but the streaming giant has already ordered two full seasons of the show to be filmed back-to-back next year. According to the show’s producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, this new Sabrina TV show will be a dark coming-of-age tale featuring witchcraft and supernatural horror inspired by Aguirre-Sacasa’s own comic book The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

    Even a decade ago, the concept of a darker, edgier version of Archie Comics universe would have sounded like an internet parody sketch. And yet, The CW’s gritty take on a perennially favorite comic book for very old people and preteens proved itself surprisingly popular with the viewers, especially once the show started streaming on Netflix. A dark supernatural show about a teenager dealing with high school and dark magic should be a perfect fit for the Riverdale universe.

    Quentin Tarantino Pitches a Star Trek Movie

    If the news about a horror version of Sabrina and infinite movies featuring Harley Quinn aren’t weird enough for you, here’s something even stranger: filmmaker Quentin Tarantino has pitched his idea for a Star Trek movie. Deadline says that Tarantino has recently discussed his ideas for the venerable franchise with Paramount studio as well as with J. J. Abrams, who successfully rebooted the Star Trek universe back in 2009.

    At the moment, Paramount is looking to assemble a writers room to try to decide if they can develop Tarantino’s idea into a feature film. Does that mean that Tarantino might, at some point, direct a Star Trek movie? That’s doubtful, although one can’t deny a certain crazy appeal in the idea of the director of The Hateful Eight and Inglourious Basterds taking a stab at Gene Roddenberry’s sci-fi utopia. Until – And if! – that actually happens, we’ll just have to satisfy ourselves with Tarantino’s next film project, chronicling the murders committed by Charles Manson and his cult in 1960s Los Angeles.

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