Spiral Continues to Scare Away the Competition

In its second weekend in cinemas, Spiral – also known as Spiral: From the Book of Saw – continued to hold onto the prime spot at the weekend box office. According to the good folks over at the Box Office Mojo, the latest Saw movie earned $4,6 million, bringing its total domestic gross up to $15,8 million. The ninth film in this franchise was directed by Darren Lynn Bousman, who previously helmed Saws II to IV. More interestingly, the box office success of Spiral officially pushed this movie series over a billion-dollar threshold, confirming it as one of the most successful horror franchises in cinematic history.

Coming in second is the action thriller Wrath of Man, featuring Jason Statham punching and shooting his way through a bunch of bad guys. The movie grossed almost $3 million last weekend, raising its earnings to $18,8 million. Those Who Wish Me Dead – another action thriller – is once again in third place with $1,9 million and a total gross of $5,6 million. In fourth place is Raya and the Last Dragon with $1,7 million. After 12 weeks in cinemas, Disney’s fantasy adventure collected $48,3 million. And finally, in fifth place is Godzilla vs. Kong with $1,4 million and a domestic gross of almost $97 million. 

Another Game of Thrones Prequel Finds Its Writer

SlashFilm says HBO Max has hired writer and producer Amanda Segel to work on a proposed Game of Thrones prequel 10,000 Ships. Segel is an experienced TV veteran. Over the last decade, she has been writing for and producing TV shows like Helstrom, Nikita, Person of Interest, The Good Wife, and The Mist. The show takes place centuries before the events of the original series and follows the journey of the warrior queen Nymeria and her people. After losing a war, they leave their old homeland to settle in what would ultimately become the kingdom of Dorne.

While set in the same universe, 10,000 Ships is wholly separate from House of the Dragon. That Game of Thrones prequel is based on Fire & Blood – George R. R. Martin’s official history of the Targaryen royal family. Created by screenwriter Ryan Condal (Hercules, Rampage), that show already cast a bunch of actors and entered pre-production. It is coming out sometime next year. But we’re not over yet with Game of Thrones prequels/spinoffs! In addition, there’s Dunk and Egg – a proposed TV show based on a series of stories about a wandering knight. These stories are set about a century before the events depicted on Game of Thrones.

New Evil Dead Movie Heads Straight to HBO Max

BloodyDisgusting reveals the next Evil Dead movie will skip cinemas and premiere on HBO Max. Titled Evil Dead Rise, the film will follow estranged sisters played by Lily Sullivan (Picnic at Hanging Rock) and Alyssa Sutherland (Vikings), whose reunion is cut short by the rise of flesh-possessing demons. Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell will produce the film, with Lee Cronin (The Hole in the Ground) directing.

There have been rumors about the next Evil Dead sequel for at least a decade now. In 2013, Fede Álvarez (Don’t Breathe) directed a relatively successful remake of the first film. Several years later, Starz produced TV series titled Ash vs. the Evil Dead, with Bruce Campbell returning to the role that made him famous. As for this film, it is supposedly a sequel to the original trilogy. However, the movie will take place in a city instead of a rural area, Campbell and Raimi aren’t creatively involved, and there are no characters from previous films. Which all makes us wonder: how exactly is this Evil Dead movie and not just another generic horror flick?

In any event, the filming will start this June in New Zealand.