Vin Diesel is Bloodshot

    According to Deadline Vin Diesel has sealed the deal with Sony Pictures to star in the sci-fi/action movie comic book adaptation Bloodshot. Dave Wilson, will be directing from a script by Eric Heisserer. Supposedly, the film will consist of the same tone as films like Terminator, Robocop, and Total Recall….the good ones. Producers include Neal H. Moritz, Toby Jaffe, and Dinesh Shamdasani with Matthew Vaughn and Dan Mintz serving as executive producers.

    The character Bloodshot was created by Don Perlin, Bob Layton, and Kevin Vanhook for the Valiant Comic Book Universe in 1992.

    Wikipedia synopsis:

    “Bloodshot is a former soldier with powers of regeneration and meta-morphing made possible through nanites injected into his blood. After having his memory wiped numerous times, Bloodshot is out to discover who he really is and get vengeance on those who did this to him. Bloodshot’s bloodstream contains a billion nanocomputers, enabling him to heal from injuries quickly, interface with technology, and shape shift his mass.”

    Bloodshot consist of over 110 issues and has sold more than 7.5 million copies.

    Sony, Sony, Sony…it’s hard to get interested in any of your projects given your track record. In the right roles Vin Diesel does really good and I don’t recall him ever playing Identity Politics which is a huge relief, but…Sony. I suppose the best thing I can say so far is that Akiva Goldsman isn’t involved…that’s always a plus.


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