Vietnamese horror movie (The Housemaid) to get American remake – and why I don’t care

    This is why we can’t have nice things. I caught this headline about a vietnamese horror movie Co Hau Gai (The Housemaid) getting an american remake.  I’m generally against remakes but since I’m a horror whore I usually check em out anyway. I never heard of the original and I was all set to look it up and dive in until it’s director Derek Nguyen had to ruin it by falling down the virtue-signaling well.

    “When writing the original script for The Housemaid, I became aware of the many parallels between the lives of Vietnamese-indentured servants during the French colonial period and African American slaves in the American South. It’s an honour to have a celebrated screenwriter such as Geoffrey Fletcher shed light on the horrors of brutal injustice in a new version that will not only entertain but provoke thought.” — Derek Nguyen

    Idiot. I would love to sit down with this nitwit and have him explain to me what sort of ‘thoughts’ I should have from this work. I think these regressives honestly and truly think we don’t have access to history books or haven’t had a formal education. I think they didn’t pay attention in school and when they stumble on some historical tidbit they run around like chickens with their heads cut off screaming ‘did you know people did bad things before you were born?!?!!?’ The urge to curbstomp these Johnny-come-latelys is almost too much to bear.

    The story takes place in 1953 on a rubber plantation in French Indochina where some girl falls for the French landowner and awakens a vengeful ghost (the guys’s dead wife). I don’t give a toss that it takes place on a plantation. It could take place on Mars for all I care. I cared about one thing…vengeful ghost. The end. Nguyen, you could’ve had yourself a rental but your quest to kiss ass ensures I will avoid your work and the work of Geoffrey Fletcher, he who will be remaking it from now until forever.

    Here is the trailer to the original The Housemaid…of which I will no longer be seeing.

    Ugh, the ghost looks like crap and jump scares are for amateurs. Thank you Mr. Nguyen, I could have wasted 90 minutes of my life.

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