Venom Trailer #1

    We weren’t all that impressed with the last trailer for Venom starring Tom Hardy.  After the negative reaction Sony execs were likely wringing their hands wondering what they….haaa Ha Ha ha ha haaa! who are we kidding? Sony execs are too busy snorting coke to actually pay attention to things like fan reactions.  I will be shocked and amazed if this trailer is better than the last.

    Place your bets!

    “We are Venom”

    Uuuuuuuoofph. I don’t, I don’t understand why you would create this character outside of the Spider-man origin context. It just seems odd to me.  It looks like Venom, true enough…but why did this “symbiote” choose to look this way? This basically looks like a “Dark”, “Edgy” Spider-man movie. One suffering from mild Schizophrenia.

    Maybe Venom fans will love it. I’m gonna take a soft pass.

    Venom starring Tom Hardy, Mitchell Wiliams, and Jenny Slate is set loose in theaters October 5, 2018

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