Venom Teaser Trailer

    The Amazing Spiderman #300 feels like a lifetime ago. It was 1988 and the comic book industry was entering the last stage of an insanely awesome Golden era. Hard to believe but there were so many cool characters being created during that period that Venom was (at least for me) taken in with a shrug and a simple ‘eh, pretty cool’ and I moved on to consume the smorgasbord that was the X-universe. Like Deadpool, this character would go on to accumulate a fervent following and star in not only his own books but show up in animated series and one of the Spider-man films. I don’t claim to understand the wild love some folks have for the character but I’d be a fool to pretend it doesn’t exist. Well, Sony pictures has put the muscle-bound, slobbering villain/anti-hero in his very own movie and are banking on these fanatics to push into box office nirvana. They have enlisted the aid of Tom Hardy (starring as Eddie Brock), director Ruben Fleischer Zombieland (2009), Gangster Squad (2013) and not one, not two, but four writers: Scott Rosenberg, Jeff Pinker, Kelly Marcel and Will Beall to get the job done.

    That’s quite the team. Let’s take a look at a tease of their handiwork…

    …alrighty then. Looks like Mr. Brock is experiencing some angst. They clearly changed the origin story around a bit. I guess we’ll get a peak at what Venom actually looks like in the official trailer…whenever that may be.

    Venom starring Tom Hardy, Mitchell Wiliams, and Jenny Slate is set loose in theaters October 5, 2018.

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