Uncharted Movie Gets a New Director

    For years there has been talk of an Uncharted movie floating around but with Sony having parted ways with Shawn Levy development this prospect appeared to come to an end. Luckily for us Sony seems dedicated to making this film happen and has brought on Dan Trachtenberg as the latest director.

    Dan’s resume isn’t the longest but what he has done so far has left an impression. 10 Cloverfield Lane and his Black Mirror episode ‘Playtest’ were both given high praise for their suspense and being genuinely terrifying.

    While coming from a thriller background and Uncharted being an action adventure game it may seem like an unlikely pair but we’re curious to see what kind of unique elements he can bring to the table. Other information we know includes Tom Holland starring as the quirky and charismatic Nathan Drake. The movie will take place with a younger Drake meeting fellow thief and mentor Victor Sullivan.

    Hopefully this is the perfect combination of talent needed to keep this project on course.

    Source: WhatCulture

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