True Detective Season 3 Director Leaves Show Early

    Via Variety. Jeremy Saulnier was supposed to direct 3 episodes of the third season of  Nic Pizzolatto’s True Detective series that airs on HBO but he had to bow out before completing the third. HBO is saying this is a result of a scheduling conflict. Daniel Sackheim has been brought in and will divide up the directing assignments of the remaining six episodes. Apparently, Nic Pizzolatto will be pitching in as well marking his directorial debut.

    Official statement:

    “Director and executive producer Jeremy Saulnier has completed the first two episodes of ‘True Detective’ Season 3 and will be departing the production due to scheduling issues. Daniel Sackheim has come on board as a director and executive producer for the series alongside series creator and director Nic Pizzolatto,”

    HBO is supposedly happy with the storyline for the third season but there are sources who claim that Pizzolatto and Saulnier had different visions when it came to the episodes.

    Toruk’s Take

    I think they shouldn’t have abandoned the single director model of the first season. It kept the tone (and quality) of the season consistent. To be completely honest, one of the elements that really made the first season interesting to me was the hint that these Detectives had stumbled upon something that brushed against the supernatural. An ancient evil that some wackos were tapping into. I thought perhaps it was going to be the beginning of a fascinating and terrifying exploration of an unknown, horrifying subculture. 90% detective drama / 10% supernatural horror.

    But those were just my expectations, boring old crime can be interesting too….sometimes.

    True Detective resumes again on HBO in 2019.

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