Trailers: ‘The Goldfinch’ and ‘In Fabric’ plus Chris Kattan MEETOO’d by Lorne Michaels?

    The Goldfinch Trailer

    Directed by John Crowley from a screenplay by Peter Straughan, The Goldfinch is the story of a young man named Theodore Decker who enters a series of adventures after his mother is killed in an art museum bombing.

    I read the plot of the novel. Upon conclusion I shrugged my shoulders and was pleased that I had only lost 5 minutes of my life vs two hours.

    In Fabric Trailer

    Written and directed by Peter Strickland this horror comedy tales the story of Sheila, a woman who purchases a cursed dress that contains a dark entity who harms anyone associated with it.

    Um, okay. When someone asks you to ‘announce the numbers to your telephone’ you tell them 867-5309 and get the heck out of that store leaving any items you may have picked up behind.

    Chris Kattan MEETOO’d by Lorne Michaels?

    The day and age where Saturday Night Live was funny has long-since passed leaving one to wonder if creator Lorne Michaels ever had anything to do with it being funny in all of the show’s long history. My suspicion is that the show was funny based on the talent available at the time and people like Eddie Murphy and Steve Martin would have been considered funny by pretty much any talent scout so where does that leave Michaels’ legacy?

    In the gutter if Chris Kattan has anything to say about it.

    In a new book entitled ‘Baby, Don’t Hurt Me’ the actor-comedian claims that the producer pressured him to have sex with director Amy Heckerling to ensure that she stayed on to direct the 1990 comedy ‘A Night At The Roxbury’.

    After Kattan rebuffed Heckerlings advances he received a call from an enraged Michaels who during the course of the conversation stated:

    “Chris, I’m not saying you have to f–k her, but it wouldn’t hurt”

    One wonders what the #MEETOO Mafia would make of a female director pressuring an actor for sex. Probably nothing…because they’re leftists.

    What of Lorne Michaels?

    Will this be the beginning of a flood of other ‘incidents’ associated with the producer? One can only hope. The show has become a toxic wasteland of leftist-propaganda and it would be grand karma to see it tumble into the abyss under the weight of the moral hypocrisy of its creator.

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