Tracey Ullman’s ‘Woke Support Group’ Is Fan-Freaking-Tastic!

    Those that frequent this site know that I despise the left with a fiery passion unquenchable by a thousand oceans. This despicable horde has sought to infiltrate and render to ashes virtually all that is good in this world. These screeching harpies and their baggage of blame and victimization have a penchant for spotting something that brings others joy, infect it like a virus and leave behind fetid husk when it is no longer of value to anyone.

    One of these areas is Comedy.

    The entertainment landscape used to be filled with comedians who brought riotous laughter and viewpoints to hundreds of thousands of eager audience members. Now it is virtually a ghost town filled with zombies whose routines consist of leftist talking points…and of course Trump, always Trump. What was once a diverse range of voices has been drowned away with the banal drone of progressive nonsense that aims not to challenge, or heaven bid offend…but to parrot like good collectivist citizens. If one were to get a hold of the glasses worn by Roddy Piper in the movie They Live they would see the same hideous creatures in place of once normal human beings. They would see them on stage in the comedy circuits. They would see them giving monologues on late night talk shows. They would see them spitting hatred at award ceremonies.

    What the…

    I was watching the Tracey Ullman show back when The Simpsons was featured as an intermittent animated skit. I thought she was hilarious. I’ve lost touch with what she has been up to over the years and I dread attempting to learn what her politics is but this hilarious skit I’ve learned about of hers gives me hope for the future. Apparently this is from a series of hers on the BBC called “Tracey Breaks the News”, which has been picked up for its second series (season).

    “One minute your carrying a reusable water bottle,  fine. And the next minute you’re arguing that water is racist.”

    You can watch the video here:

    Or here:

    I lament that this skit is so short. I wish there was more of it. I hope we see more like this in the future. This is the kind of medicine that we need to avert a civil war.

    Great job Tracey!

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