Toruk’s Take: Josh Friedman Booted Off Of Snowpiercer Reboot Replaced With Graeme Manson

    Back in January, we reported on the news that Josh Friedman, writer of The Black Dahlia (2006) was going to write the pilot for the reboot of Snowpiercer while Scott Derrickson Doctor Strange (2016), would handle the direction. Which didn’t last long, The Hollywood Reporter reports that Friedman was given the heave-ho and replaced with Graeme Manson who co-created the TV Show Orphan Black and is created as writer on all 50 episodes. Friedman was none too pleased about this and wrote on his Twitter:

    And this:

    And this:

    Toruk’s Take:

    Oh dear, that’s some good ole fashion scorn baby. I think Friedman had the better resume for this sort of fare when compared with Manson’s (I found Orphan Black to be very uneven) but it sounds like the studio is more interested in someone they can push around. Not exactly something you want to hear when it comes to the creative process, but hey, I didn’t have high hopes for the series anyway. Que sera sera.

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