Toruk couldn’t make it through the Black Panther – Official Trailer

    I’m almost afraid to look…

    Luke Cage was completely ruined for me when the showrunner interjected his moronic agenda into the show. Don’t interject politics into fantasy, especially if you can’t handle the truth when it’s presented to you. Facts don’t care about your feelings. It also didn’t help that the storyline was stir-fried crap.

    Anyway, my spider-sense has been tingling ever since they announced this project. From the get-go they seemed more interested in the exterior (something shared with identity politics) than the interior. That’s always a bad sign.

    Here goes…

    …rap music…why did it have to be rap music?

    Ugh…elaborate handshakes. What’s next, breakdancing?

    …The revolution will not be televisioned??

    I’m sorry, I can’t watch anymore.

    If you want see this movie, that’s your business. I couldn’t even make it through the trailer.

    Virtu signaling stereotypically trash….vomit. We’re black…and black people are supposed to do this…hey did you know that we’re black? Let’s check every box that society says we should check..because…well, we’re black.

    Stereotype. Stereotype.Stereotype. Stereotype.Stereotype. Stereotype.Stereotype. Stereotype.Stereotype.

    it’s been five minutes…did we tell you we were black?

    I suggest for a better movie watch Action Jackson (1988) with Carl Weathers. Very underrated, no silly stereotypes. No obsession with pigmentation. Solid action, solid story. solid character.

    Diversity done right.

    Ah, when men were men, and movies were movies…not propaganda.

    Black Panther hails the coming downfall of Marvel in theaters February 16th. Good riddance.


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