The Twilight Zone, the anthology series produced by Jordan Peele and Simon Kinberg, won’t be back for a third season. CBS All Access, which next month will be rebranded as Paramount+, held a presentation for its investors yesterday and the series was not included.

Julie McNamara, Paramount+ head of marketing, offered this statement regarding the cancellation:

“Jordan Peele, Simon Kinberg and the entire production team truly reimagined The Twilight Zone for the modern age. They upheld the classic series’ legacy of socially conscious storytelling and pushed today’s viewers to explore all new dimensions of thought-provoking and topical themes that we hope will resonate with audiences for years to come.”

While it’s reported that CBS All Access/Paramount+ insist they wanted to keep the series going, there may have been other factors that contributed to the series departure and Peele and Kinberg’s willingness to walk away. Currently, The Twilight Zone has a subpar IMDB score of 5.8.

The score, coupled with a look at some of the user reviews, alludes that the series “socially conscious storytelling” didn’t quite resonate with the public as much as they hoped it would: