The SJW’s Are Already Hard At Work Poisoning The New Terminator Film

    These people make me sick.

    An official picture from the new Terminator film directed by Tim Miller and shepherded by the helmer of the first two films, James Cameron, features three of the movie’s leading women: Natalia Reyes, Mackenzie Davis and Linda Hamilton.  Instead of simply appreciating the image and hoping for a good film the vermin of the universe that is the SJW has once again opted to use this as an opportunity to slam their favorite target: White Men.

    Graeme McMillan of the Hollywood Reporter wrote an article about the picture with the page title “Rejoice: ‘Terminator’ Image Doesn’t Include Any Men”. Some people wonder why someone like myself would state that the SJW is the worst, most despicable creature on the planet.

    I will ‘attempt’ to elucidate why I feel this way.

    I love women. I love looking at them. I love drawing them. I love making love to them. Women are great. In and of themselves.

    I love action heroines. Always have. I love the mixture of grace and violence…like when a lioness takes down her prey. (I love nature shows too).

    My first exposure was probably the X-men comic books where I would see characters like Psylocke, Jean Grey and Storm get down and dirty along with the guys battling whatever baddy of the day. These stories made me want to be a comic book artist and writer. This love extended to film as well with characters like Ellen Ripley (Alien, Aliens), Alabama Whitman (True Romance), Mallory Knox (Natural Born Killers), and of course Sarah Connors from The Terminator.

    I don’t love people like Graeme McMillan.

    People like Graeme ruin my enjoyment of these things.

    Imagine this slug sitting next to you while you are watching the movie Alien and he vomits:

    “Oh, I’m so glad they made her the main the character. Men are so toxic! Go Ripley, show these trash men how it’s done!”

    Or how about when Alabama Whitman takes down James Gandolfini’s character in True Romance..

    “Yes! Yes! Score one for feminism. Oh thank you darling…that will show the Patriarchy! Men suck!”

    Or how about when Angela Basset’s Mace elegantly and ‘non-lethally’ apprehended the crooked Cops in Strange Days.

    “Wooh Hoo! You go black woman! Reparations! Reparations! That’s how you deal with White Supremacy! You should have killed them!”

    I know what I would do. I would pick up the vile creature, turn him upside down and then promptly drop him on his head. I he dies..he dies.

    Scum like Graeme McMillan are incapable of celebrating one thing…without the denigration of another. For a group of people who chirp loudly about the equality of outcome the SJW have a decidedly Animal House way of putting certain groups of people above others.

    For the Terminator franchise to be lauded it has to be seen as doing the right thing…and that right thing is putting the men where they belong, beneath the boots of the women. I can’t support the praising of woman via the denigration of men. I won’t do it. I can’t support this piece of trash’s assertions. I can’t support this film. I have to go against it. Which puts me against the things I love. And for that, I despise Graeme McMillan and maggots like him.

    SJW’s Co-opt things that are good and apply toxic agendas to them.

    They make things that are beautiful, ugly.

    SJW’s do not create. SJW’s do not love.

    SJW’s destroy.

    They destroy worth.

    They destroy accomplishment.

    They destroy beauty.

    They destroy love.

    And that is why the SJW is the worst, most despicable creature on the planet.

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