The Real Reason Some Don’t Want To See Captain Marvel

    At the time of this writing the film Captain Marvel has a ‘want to see’ rating of just 27% on rotten tomatoes.

    Moronic celebrities and shill movie websites whine and rail that this is the result of a campaign of racist and misogynist trolls who do not like Brie Larson’s goal of more inclusivity in the medium. Inclusivity means more women and brown people if you didn’t already know. You see, Brie Larson thinks that because there aren’t as much of them as there are whites in the industry that there must be something nefarious going on.

    This of course is nonsense like most progressive talking points regarding inequality.

    No one is standing in the way of brown people and women writing about movies or engaging in the coverage of them. Technology today allows anyone with the inclination to participate. Brie Larson’s idiotic platitudes about adding more ‘seats to the table’ are nothing but an excuse to fulfill her part in the culture war … attack white men. After-all, who do you think she believes is to blame for this particular ‘inequity’. Black men? Hispanic men? White women? No, in her own words the blame would lie with ‘The Patriarchy’ which everyone knows is progressive slang, for white men.

    The real reason why there are people against Brie Larson has nothing to do with her proposed agenda…it is because she is an SJW. SJW’s have been waging war on entertainment mediums for quite some time now. Early on they waged it in the gaming community. Then the comic book community. They have recently started warring in the Anime community.

    Brie Larson is doing her job…she has opened the war up on the superhero movie front, the most lucrative genre in film today. As a result many have expressed their dislike…and rightfully so.

    You see, one of the many detestable aspects of the SJW is that they are the very embodiment of the ugly practices they claim to be against.

    • They claim they are against racism, but this is not true. The SJW is all too happy to engage in racism against those they believe deserve it. Their favorite targets are:
      • Whites
      • Asians
      • Jews
    • They claim that they are against sexism, but this is also far from the truth. The SJW is all too happy to engage in sexist acts…if the target happens to be a straight white male.
    • You will often hear the SJW complain about the ‘violent culture’ of America and ‘Toxic masculinity’. But it isn’t violence the SJW has a problem with, hardly. Antifa thugs who commit acts of terror on American soil are cheered while they implore our government to allow woman who chose a life with ISIS to be allowed reentry into our country. Meanwhile black males gun each other down everyday with nary a peep of outrage from their midst.  No…the SJW does not have a problem with violence, they have a problem with their enemies attempting to protect themselves from it.

    These creatures have no love for this country and when you peel off the veneer of their protestations you find that they have no love for themselves either. A trip through their psyche reveals disturbed individuals like Armie Hammer who believes that he and all those who share his pigmentation were born evil and have a natural want to do evil things.

    Millions of psychopaths like that walking the planet looking for others in which they can share their misery. They rally behind horrific ideologies like socialism and identity politics because they want to see the world burn. They are Morlocks who yearn to bring and end to their miserable existence and they do not care who they take with them. As Richard C. Meyer would say, they don’t human very well, this is because they opted to throw their humanity away.

    Why would anyone on the side of goodness and light celebrate that the MCU has opted to give one of these vile creatures a platform from which they can shell their bombs of toxicity?

    Oh, that’s right…we aren’t.

    Boycott Brie Larson. Boycott Captain Marvel.

    Boycott SJW trash.


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