The Last of Us Part II – PGW 2017 Trailer

    With Hollywood’s continual implosion amidst another round of hairy-ass-ment accusations and complaints (It looks like Kevin Spacey may have had one too many Schnapps back-in-the-day and deeply offended a young lad). We turn our attention to the gaming industry.

    PlayStation has released a trailer for The Last of Us Part II for the PS4. The sequel to the critically acclaimed smash hit The Last of Us an action-adventure, survival, horror video game released in 2013.

    Looks amazing. I’m particularly referring to the animation and the modeling. The physics are very impressive. We aren’t very far away from the point where live actors an essential element to story-telling…not very far at all. And with human beings not seeming to be able to work together without trying to boink one another (whether the boinking is asked for or not) this just might be the solution to an evidently prevalent problem.

    As for the proceedings. I never played the game, but it looks like the world these people inhabit is even more brutal than The Walking Dead. I prefer my games to be a little more upbeat…but then I’m old school.

    The Last of Us Part II will be coming to a PS4 in your home…soon?


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