The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance | Teaser


The trailer for Netflix’s The Dark Crystal reboot is here. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is a ten episode series that will follow three Gelfings who discover the secret behind the Skeksis power and seek to start a rebellion to save the world.

Toruk's Take

The Dark Crystal is one of my favorite fantasy flicks of all time. That and The Neverending Story are two cherished childhood experiences that have stood the test of time. This…looks rather meh. That’s my first impression.

Take for instance this dinner scene with the Skeksis…

In the close up shots they look…dry, rubbery. They seem more like puppets than creatures. In the original they always struck me as…wet, organic, some even a little oozy. They felt real even if their motion wasn’t always smooth.

I suppose what’s bothering me most is that I just don’t trust Netflix. Not by a longshot. I’m waiting for the wokeness to reveal itself. I’m waiting for the inevitable agenda. Like a slavering beast in the darkness I know it awaits…just biding its time, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance starring Taron Egerton, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Nathalie Emmanuel streams on Netflix August 30.

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