The CW To Reboot ‘The 4400’

    Another show is getting a reboot. This time it’s CBS Paramount Network Television’s (now known as CBS Television Studios) The 4400. Created by René Echevarria and Scott Peters, The 4400 told the story of an event where 4400 people, who had disappeared from various times since 1938, are returned to present day Earth. They have no memory of their lives from the moment they are taken and returned and to make matters more strange some of the returnees begin to manifest paranormal abilities. Shenanigans ensure. The show ran for four seasons from 2004-2007.

    The ‘reboot’ will be shepherded by Taylor Elmore and Craig Sweeny who will co-write the pilot with Elmore serving as showrunner should the series get picked up for a full season.  Sweeny also served as writer and producer of the original show.

    Source Variety

    Toruk's Take

    I thought the original show was ‘okay’ but I honestly don’t remember finishing the series so that’s not a great sign.

    If I had strong feelings about the show I may have been able to muster the energy to complain that these yahoos are rebooting a show that only ended 11 years ago. I suppose soon we will be rebooting shows that ended only 5 years ago until we finally get to the point where a reboot announcement will be made the same day of the show’s cancellation announcement. ‘We just cancelled this show because no one was watching…but good news! We’re rebooting it so you can have another shot at ignoring it!’.

    An ouroboros of mediocrity signifying the complete and utter eradication of imagination.

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