The CW Pegs Ruby Rose As Their Batwoman

    Model/Actress Ruby Rose has been on shows like Orange is the New Black and Action films like John Wick 2 (2017) and Vin Diesel’s  xXx: Return of Xander Cage (2017). She’s also in the upcoming The Meg.

    Deadline reports that Rose will play Batwoman in a DC Arrowverse crossover event happening in December. In addition, The CW is developing a Batwoman series for next year with Rose playing the title character. Caoline Dries will be scripting the series.

    This Batwoman is said to be based off of the character Kate Kane, a Jewish lesbian introduced or reimagined by the DC comic universe in 2006. Berlanti Productions was reported to be specifically looking for a Gay character to play the role. Ruby Rose fits the bill as someone who identifies as ‘Genderfluid’.

    Toruk’s Take

    Ruby is a pretty girl but I’ve never seen her in anything where she impressed me with her ‘acting’. Of course, none of this matters as clearly the primary requirement for this gig was sexual orientation. I’m sure Richard Meyer (Diversity and Cmx) would have something clever to say about this type of hiring practice. I just think it’s sad.

    Usually this time of year I would be binge-watching the CW Superhero shows…which I used to enjoy.  But as the propaganda intensified I had to start abandoning them.

    After last years Supergirl I was done with that show.

    Black Lightning? Not in this lifetime. I have a great deal of respect for Law Enforcement and I’ll be damned if I watch a show spewing anti-cop rhetoric.

    I could never get into Legends of Tomorrow…a little too Mutant X for me.

    This? Batwoman? Yeah…unlikely. They already began on the wrong foot with me. SJW characters are nothing characters. Hollow shells identified by the most base and uninteresting characteristics. I don’t care who Batman or Batwoman have sex with. Those who do are missing the point of Super-heroes.

    Which leaves Arrow and The Flash. And to be honest…I’ve been too afraid to see what they have become.

    Aside from all the Social Justice non-sense that has permeated the industry I felt that Comic Books and by extension Comic Book characters were going to run into trouble way back in the late eighties.  The core problem that I saw on the horizon, was…time.

    Life has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Good stories do as well. Good stories need a beginning, a middle and an end, otherwise it’s just noise. A never-ending ramble.

    Characters that stick around too long become disjointed from the era they inhabit. The solution the companies that own these characters have come up with is to cannibalize them. But as time has shown…each subsequent ‘reinvention’ is more distorted, lesser than the previous. Eventually, you find yourself with a Frankenstein’s monster that no one can identify with.

    These companies need to start letting these characters migrate into old age and pass the mantle over to their children or the next generation. In doing so you preserve their dignity and open the path to new and original tales. You reinvigorate the gene pool per se.

    This requires guts and creativity…if you’re not up to it, perhaps because you’re too busy trying to push progressive agendas…maybe you should step aside and let others who are willing to do it, have a go.


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