Tag: TV

    Krypton Cancelled After Two Seasons

    Syfy cancels Krypton after a 50% ratings plummet

    Amazon’s The Wheel of Time Presents The Two Rivers Cast Members

    The Latest Wheel of Time casting is upon us...should we be concerned?

    CBS & Viacom Merger Puts Star Trek Under One Roof Again

    Will the CBS & Viacom merger lead to a restored Star Trek?

    Carnival Row Season 1 Trailer

    Toruk still doesn't think Carnival Row is going to be any good.

    To Avoid The SJW Mob Mayans M.C. Creator Trashes White People

    Mayans M.C. Co-Creator Kurt Sutter Blames White Superheroes For Mass Shootings

    Netflix Cancels The OA

    No more dance movements for Netflix's the OA series cancelled after second season

    Jeff Bridges To Lead New Drama ‘The Old Man’

    The Dude Abides A New Leading Role...

    The Lord of Amazon?

    Is Amazon Taking A Big Risk With Its Approach To The Lord of The Rings Series?

    Watchmen – Official Comic-Con Trailer

    Toruk watches the Watchmen Official Comic-Con Trailer and has trouble deciding whether it's anti-conservative propaganda or just a stunning lack of imagination!

    The Witcher – Official Teaser – Netflix

    Toruk weighs in on the Witcher Teaser from Netflix!

    Production On Halt After Titans Crew Member Killed

    'Titans' Crew Member Killed When Stunt Goes Wrong

    ‘Eisenhorn’ Series Announcement: Frank Spotnitz to Develop

    Straight from the Warhammer 40k universe, creator Frank Spotnitz is making 'Eisenhorn' live-action series.

    Amazon Pegs Nick Santora As Jack Reacher Series Showrunner

    Amazon's Jack Reacher series has found its showrunner.

    Zack Snyder and Jay Olivia To Create Norse Mythology Anime For Netflix

    Zack Snyder's Creating An Anime Series...Based on Norse Mythology?

    Netflix Soon To Lose ‘Friends’ and ‘The Office’ As Opposition Increases

    Netflix Is Facing Increasing Opposition On The Streaming Front

    Sub-Zero is Cast, The Society is Renewed and Disney is Trash

    I-Marcus News Briefs: Sub-Zero is Cast, The Society is Renewed and Disney is Trash