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    Is The Matrix Resurrections a Bad Movie and Does It Care?

    If we’re taking the blue pill on the one hand, yes. The Matrix Resurrections is a bad movie. This isn’t to say that it...

    The Matrix Resurrections Final Trailer Continues to Challenge Expectations

    The Matrix Resurrections Final Trailer Continues to Challenge Expectations

    Apple Renews Foundation for a Second Season

    An epic space opera Foundation is currently in the middle of its first season. And yet, as the AVClub reports, Apple TV+ has already...

    New Trailer: THE BLAZING WORLD Official Trailer (2021)

    The Blazing World Official Trailer: Years later after her twin sister died a woman is sucked into an alternate reality where she may yet be alive.

    New Trailer: NEEDLE IN A TIMESTACK Trailer (2021)

    Needle In A Timestack Trailer: A woman's ex-husband warps times in order to get her back.

    New Movie Trailer: IMPLANTED Official Trailer (2021)

    Implanted Official Trailer: After being implanted with an untested AI chip, a woman now must fight for her life and sanity as the AI starts to take over her mind.

    New Trailer: ENCOUNTER Official Trailer (2021) Riz Ahmed, Sci-Fi Movie HD

    When an asteroid hits earth and strange bug-like creatures start to infect people, an ex-marine is intent on protecting his family at any cost.

    New Trailer: THE MATRIX 4: Resurrections Trailer Teaser (2021) Keanu Reeves, Sci-Fi Movie HD

    The Matrix 4: Resurrection Trailer: In the fourth installment in the matrix franchise, Neo is back along with Trinity and they have to decide between the red pill or blue.

    Lisa Joy’s Reminiscence Should Be Relegated To The Dustbin Of Memory

    Lightning Review: Reminiscence Is A Film Best Left Forgotten

    New Trailer: OCCUPATION: RAINFALL Official Trailer #2 (2021) Sci-Fi, Action Movie HD

    Occupation: Rainfall Official Trailer #2: After Earth is invaded by an intergalactic force of aliens, the remaining survivors band together to fight back for humanity.

    New Trailer: Y: THE LAST MAN Official Trailer (2021) Sci-Fi Series HD

    Y: The Last Man Official Trailer: In this series, all the males on the planet are extinct except one. The race is on to find out why before the women destroy themselves.

    DUNE Official Main Trailer

    Dune Official Main Trailer: A young noble man is tasked with protecting the most valuable substance in the galaxy.

    New Trailer: RISEN Official Trailer (2021) Sci-Fi, Thriller Movie HD

    Risen Official Trailer: Humanity is brought to the brink of extinction after alien bodysnatchers invade Earth.

    Movie Trailer: RISING WOLF Trailer (2021)

    Rising Wolf Trailer: A young environmentalist is kidnapped and awakes trapped in a elevator.

    Foundation Trailer 2

    Foundation Trailer 2: A group of exiles traverse the galaxy trying to save humanity and rebuild civilization.

    Movie Trailer: INVASION Official Trailer (2021)

    Invasion Official Trailer: In this Apple Sci-Fi series, an Alien invasion of Earth is witnessed from different people's perspectives.