Tag: psychological

    New Trailer: HIDE AND SEEK Trailer (2021) Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Thriller Movie

    Hide And Seek Trailer: A wealthy man struggles to maintain his sanity when a search for his brother leads him into the dark underbelly of the City.

    New Trailer: ONE OF US IS LYING Trailer (2021)

    One Of Us Is Lying Trailer: An investigation begins when a well-known online school gossip columnist ends up dead and four students become suspects.

    New Trailer: DEXTER: NEW BLOOD Official Trailer (2021)

    Dexter: New Blood Official Trailer: Ten years after being the most notorious serial killer in Florida, Dexter is back.

    New Movie Trailer: IMPLANTED Official Trailer (2021)

    Implanted Official Trailer: After being implanted with an untested AI chip, a woman now must fight for her life and sanity as the AI starts to take over her mind.

    New Trailer: ENCOUNTER Official Trailer (2021) Riz Ahmed, Sci-Fi Movie HD

    When an asteroid hits earth and strange bug-like creatures start to infect people, an ex-marine is intent on protecting his family at any cost.

    New Trailer: RUNT Trailer (2021) Cameron Boyce, Drama Movie

    Runt Trailer: A young man draws the wrath of a girl's boyfriend and his friends after he asks her out on a date.

    New Trailer: SHELTER IN PLACE Official Trailer (2021) Horror Movie HD

    Shelter In Place Official Trailer: A young couple experience horror when they are forced to stay in a creepy hotel on their honeymoon when the pandemic hits.

    Movie Trailer: THE POWER Trailer (2021) Horror Movie

    The Power Trailer: The Power Trailer: A new nurse at an infirmary in London has to confront the sins of her past when she is left alone at night with a malevolent force.

    New Trailer: MOSQUITO STATE Official Trailer (2021) Charlotte Vega, Horror Movie HD

    Mosquito State Official Trailer: A psychological thriller about a young wall street mogul, who has an infestation of mosquitoes in his penthouse...and his mind.

    New Trailer: WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING Trailer (2021) Horror Movie

    We Need To Do Something Trailer: A family seeking shelter from a storm find themselves trapped in a house with a malevolent spirit.

    New Trailer: JOHN AND THE HOLE Official Trailer (2021) Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Ehle Thriller Movie HD

    John And The Hole Official Trailer: A disturbed young boy drugs and confines his family to a hole on the property.

    Movie Trailer: Old Trailer #1 (2021) | Movieclips Trailers

    Old Trailer #1: A family's summer vacation goes awry when the whole family starts to age rapidly.

    New Trailer: FLASHBACK Official Trailer (2021) Dylan O’Brien, Thriller Movie HD

    Flashback Official Trailer: A man takes a drug called mercury to stop him from having visions of a classmate who vanished in high school.

    New Trailer: THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW Trailer 2 (2021)

    The Woman In The Window Trailer: The friend of a reclusive agoraphobic psychologist turns up missing and she suspects foul play.

    HELD Official Trailer (2021)

    Held Official Trailer: In a bungalow, cut off from other people, a couple in a struggling marriage find themselves held captive and at the mercy of a stranger.

    The One | Official Trailer | Netflix

    The One Official Trailer: Scientists develop a genetic match test for people seeking true love.