Tag: Fantasy

    New Trailer: SWEET TOOTH Official Trailer (2021) Netflix Fantasy Series HD

    Sweet Tooth Official Trailer: A half-human, half-animal hybrid and his protector venture through a post-apocalyptic world in search of answers.

    New Trailer: SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS Official Trailer (2021) Marvel Movie HD

    Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings: A new hero emerges in the Marvel Universe as we see Shang-Chi fight against the notorious Ten Rings Syndicate.

    Amazon To Spend Almost Half a Billion Dollars on the First Season of The Lord of the Rings

    We all knew The Lord of the Rings TV series was going to be expensive. We just didn’t know how crazily expensive it might...

    New Trailer: THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER Mid-Season Trailer (New, 2021)

    The Falcon And The Winter Soldier: In this mid-season trailer, we see Bucky and The Falcon face off against a man who claims he's the real Captain America.

    New Trailer: JUPITER’S LEGACY Trailer (2021)

    Jupiter's Legacy Trailer: It's time for the new generation of superheroes to take over from their parents.

    LOKI Trailer 2 (2021)

    Loki Trailer 2: After moving throughout the universe wrecking havoc and changing history Loki is finally apprehended for stealing the Tesseract.

    THE SUICIDE SQUAD Official Trailer (2021)

    The Suicide Squad Official Trailer: The Suicide Squad is sent on a mission to a secret island to destroy a Neo-Nazi prison that experiments on political prisoners.

    LOVE AND MONSTERS Trailer (2021)

    Love And Monsters Trailer Joel embarks on a dangerous journey across 85 miles of monster-filled terrain to find his girlfriend.

    SENSATION Official Trailer (2021) Emily Wyatt, Sci-Fi Thriller Movie HD

    Sensation Official Trailer: A young postman with new found abilities, realizes he's bit off more than he can chew when he allows himself to be inducted into a secret program.

    JUPITER’S LEGACY Official Trailer Teaser (2021) Netflix, Superhero Sci-Fi Series HD

    Jupiter's Legacy Official Trailer: A second generation of superheroes feel pressure to live up to their parents legacy.

    SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME (2021) Teaser Trailer | Marvel Studios

    Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer: The gang is back together again as Spider-Man must face a mysterious foe bent on threatening the world.

    MORTAL KOMBAT Trailer (2021)

    Mortal Kombat Trailer: Cole Young and other fighters are transported to another realm to fight the evil forces of the Lin-Kuie clan.

    DOTA: Dragon’s Blood | Date Announcement | Netflix

    DOTA: Dragon's Blood Trailer: Davion, a dragon knight, is dedicated to wiping out dragons from the world.

    COSMIC SIN Official Trailer (2021) Bruce Willis, Frank Grillo Movie HD Sci-Fi Movie HD

    Cosmic Sin Official Trailer Director: Edward Drake Cast: Bruce Willis, Frank Grillo, Adelaide Kane Retired General James Ford (Bruce Willis) is called back into action to save humanity from...

    ASCENDANT Official Trailer (2021) Sci-Fi, Fantasy Movie HD

    Ascendant Official Trailer: A woman's father is taken hostage to get her to reveal her hidden powers.

    Marvel’s Moon Knight (2022) Teaser Trailer | Disney+

    Marvel's Moon Knight Trailer: A sneak peak the Marvel superhero series Moon Knight, who uses his wealth to fund his crime fighting.