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    New Trailer: THE BLACK PHONE Trailer (2022) Ethan Hawke

    The Black Phone Trailer: When five children go missing in a small Colorado town the next victim, Finney Shaw receives from an unexpected source...the previous victims who are now dead.

    New Trailer: ZEROS AND ONES Official Trailer (2021) Ethan Hawke Thriller Movie HD

     Zeros And Ones Trailer: When an unknown enemy blows up the Vatican and threatens the safety of all, an American soldier goes on a hero's journey.

    New Trailer: The Guilty | Official Trailer | Jake Gyllenhaal | Netflix

    The Guilty Official Trailer: A demoted detective working in a 911 call center is adamant about saving a female caller he believes has been kidnapped.

    TESLA Official Trailer (2020) Ethan Hawke

    Maleeka;s Trailers: Tesla

    THE GOOD LORD BIRD Official Trailer (2020) Ethan Hawke

    Maleeka's trailers: The Good Lord Bird

    New Trailer: Stockholm

    Maleeka's trailers: Stockholm

    First Reformed Trailer #1

    Toruk secretly hopes that 'First Reformed' starring Ethan Hawke is another exorcism movie...but it's not 🙁