Tag: Crime

    New Trailer: ZEROS AND ONES Official Trailer (2021) Ethan Hawke Thriller Movie HD

     Zeros And Ones Trailer: When an unknown enemy blows up the Vatican and threatens the safety of all, an American soldier goes on a hero's journey.

    New Trailer: ONE SHOT Official Trailer (2021) Scott Adkins, Action Movie

    One Shot Trailer: An elite group of Navy Seals are charged with transporting a prisoner from a secret, dangerous island.

    New Trailer: The Club | Official Trailer | Netflix

    The Club: Official Trailer: Set in the 1950s in Instanbul, a mother gets a job at a nightclub to help her daughter who's going down a rebellious road.

    New Trailer: HIDE AND SEEK Trailer (2021) Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Thriller Movie

    Hide And Seek Trailer: A wealthy man struggles to maintain his sanity when a search for his brother leads him into the dark underbelly of the City.

    New Trailer:A MOTHER’S LIE Trailer (2021) Thriller Movie

    A Mother's Lie Trailer: A woman searching for a bone marrow donor to save her daughter uncovers a dark and dangerous secret held by her mother.

    New Trailer: I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER Trailer (2021) Madison Iseman, Teen, Thriller Series

    I Know What You Did Last Summer Trailer: A group of teens are picked off one by one a year after another teenager was killed at a party they attended.

    New Trailer: NIGHT TEETH Trailer (2021) Megan Fox

    Night Teeth Trailer: A young college student working as a chauffeur ends up fighting for his life after he picks up two strange and peculiar women.

    New Movie Trailer: NIGHTMARE ALLEY Trailer (2021)

    Nightmare Alley Trailer: A psychiatrist and a traveling charlatan team up at a carnival to cheat people out of their money.

    New Trailer: HAWKEYE Official Trailer (2021) Marvel, Superhero Series HD

    Hawkeye Official Trailer: Hawkeye passes the mantle to his protege Kate, as they team up to take down criminals before Christmas so he can be with his family.

    New Trailer: DEXTER: NEW BLOOD Official Trailer (2021)

    Dexter: New Blood Official Trailer: Ten years after being the most notorious serial killer in Florida, Dexter is back.

    New Movie Trailer: IMPLANTED Official Trailer (2021)

    Implanted Official Trailer: After being implanted with an untested AI chip, a woman now must fight for her life and sanity as the AI starts to take over her mind.

    New Trailer: The Guilty | Official Trailer | Jake Gyllenhaal | Netflix

    The Guilty Official Trailer: A demoted detective working in a 911 call center is adamant about saving a female caller he believes has been kidnapped.

    New Trailer: RED NOTICE Trailer (2021) Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds Movie

    Red Notice Trailer: Things get complicated when two rivals are put on the same team tasked with taking down a ruthless criminal.

    New Trailer: MY SON Trailer (2021) James McAvoy, Claire Foy, Drama Movie

    My Son trailer: When a man learns his son has gone missing, he goes on a one-man mission to find him against all odds.

    New Trailer: OLD HENRY Trailer (2021) Stephen Dorff, Western, Drama Movie

    Old Henry Trailer: An old farmer and his son take in a hunted man with a gunshot wound and cash.

    New Trailer: BROADCAST SIGNAL INTRUSION Official Trailer (2021)

    Broadcast Signal Intrusion Official Trailer: A TV station tape archivist stumbles onto a dangerous conspiracy when he decides to investigate a Broadcast Signal Intrusion.