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    New Trailer: THE ELECTRICAL LIFE OF LOUIS WAIN Official Trailer (2021) Benedict Cumberbatch Movie

    The Electrical Life Of Louis Wan Official Trailer: Based on the true story of English artist Louis Wan and his love of cats and drawing beautiful paintings with them on them.

    ZOLA Trailer (2021) Riley Keough Drama Movie

    Zola Trailer: A young stripper and her roommate embark on a road trip to Florida.

    Madame Claude | Official Trailer | Netflix

    Madame Claude Official Trailer: A biographical story about the infamous French brothel keeper Madame Claude.

    SON OF THE SOUTH Official Trailer (2021) Lucy Hale, Drama Movie HD

    Son Of The South Official Trailer: Based on a true story, the grandson of a Klansman goes against the grain of what he was taught.

    THE AERONAUTS Official Trailer (2019)

    Maleeka's trailers - The Aeronauts - Pilot Amelia Wren and scientist James Glaisher find themselves in an epic fight for survival while attempting to make discoveries in a gas balloon.

    THE LAUNDROMAT Official Trailer (2019)

    Maleeka's trailers - The Laundromat - When a widow's dream vacation turns into a nightmare, she's left to investigate the insurance fraud and finds two law partners behind the whole scheme of exploitation.

    DOLEMITE IS MY NAME Official Trailer (2019)

    Maleeka's trailers - - In this upcoming biographical film, Eddie Murphy plays Dolemite a comedian in the 1970's who's trying his hand in what was known as 'blaxploitation' films after he's rejected by Hollywood.


    Maleeka's trailers - A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood - This is a movie based off of the real life friendship of journalist Tom Junod and Fred Rogers.

    THE RED SEA DIVING RESORT Official Trailer (2019)

    Maleeka's trailers - The Red Sea Diving Resort - An old deserted resort in the Sudan is used to smuggle Jewish-Ethiopian refugees into Israel by the Mossad and a group of International agents in the 1980's.

    FORD v FERRARI Trailer (2019)

    Maleeka's trailers: Ford v Ferrari

    New Trailer: BRIAN BANKS Official Trailer (2019)

    Maleeka's trailers: Brian Banks

    New Trailer: Stan & Ollie

    Maleeka's trailers: Stan & Ollie

    New Trailer: Rocketman

    Maleeka's trailers: Rocketman

    New Movie Trailer: A Private War

    Maleeka's Trailer: A Private War

    New Trailer: Papillon!

    Maleeka's Trailers: Papillon!