According to Deadline, Sylvester Stallone will play a lead in an action thriller titled Little America. Compared to John Carpenter’s 1981 cult classic Escape from New York, Little America takes place in the near future where the USA has collapsed, becoming a war zone. Stallone will play a former Army Ranger, hired by an Asian billionaire to find his missing daughter. Accompanied by her exceptionally skilled sister, Stallone’s veteran will have to navigate Little America – a walled-off city within Hong Kong where many Americans have fled after their country was torn apart by conflict.

Originally, Universal Studios won the bidding war for Little America, but the project is now once again on the open market. Michael Bay is producing it through his company Platinum Dunes. This action thriller will be presented during this year’s European Film Market in late February. It is expected that Little America will be among the most sought-after projects there. The film is being written and directed by Rowan Athale, who previously made thrillers Strange but True and Wasteland. The filming of Little America is set for this summer.