Steven S. DeKnight Would Love To Do A God of War Adaptation With Dave Bautista

    Writer, Director, Steven S. DeKnight, who has worked on everything from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Pacific Rim Uprising (2018) spoke with recently and discussed he was in talks with Sony about directing a God of War movie. During the interview he revealed who he would like to play Kratos, the chief protagonist of the series:

    Somebody asked me, ‘Well, who would you have to have Kratos?’ And immediately for me: Dave Batista would be the man. I think he can do anything. You can do drama, real emotion, humor, action.

    He also insisted that if he did it the film would have to be rated R.

    Kratos as he appears in 2018’s God of War for PlayStation 4.

    Hmmm… I have to agree with DeKnight. Bautista brings the goods when it comes to his roles. I don’t think I’ve seen him in something where I was like ‘what is this guy doing? He’s awful!’. I’ve never played God of War, though of course I’ve known of the games for quite some time and people seem to really dig them. Critically acclaimed and everything. Of course, for reasons I haven’t quite sussed out yet, some Geeks seem to be rather hostile to the notion of movie adaptations based off of video games. Is it a territorial thing? A jealously thing? The video game industry does dwarf the film industry these days. I’m not sure. Whatever the reason, it makes the prospect of creating this film an uphill battle from the jump.

    Is the God of War ready for another one?

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