Stephen King & Joe Hill Novella ‘In The Tall Grass’ Nabbed By Netflix

    In The Tall Grass is the second collaborative novel between  Stephen King & his son Joe Hill. The story entails a sister and brother who, after hearing the cry of a young boy, pull off to the side of the road to investigate. They wind up lost, disoriented in the tall grass where they lose track of one another at which point the terror begins.  Vincenzo Natali (Haunter, 2013) is set to direct and James Marsden (Westworld, X-men) is in negotiations to star. No word on who will be playing the sister.

    The film begins production in Toronto this summer.

    Netflix has done right by Stephen King’s novels so far. 1922 and Gerald’s Game are both excellent. I don’t know if this novella was any good (for some reason writing collaborations like this don’t appeal to me) but if they maintain the same consistency there’s no reason why it shouldn’t. Well, that’s not entirely true but l’m trying to be optimistic here.

    Source: Deadline.

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