With the New Year come the new Star Wars rumors. While they are unsubstantiated, they are also intriguing. Who knows – some of them may even turn out to be true! So here they are, in the descending order of likelihood:

Star Wars Rumor #01Comic Book Resources says that the seventh season of the CGI-animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars may air on Disney+ on February 17th. The source of this rumor is now deleted promotional video posted on Disney’s official website. Since we already know that the seventh season will premiere next month, this date is as likely as any other in February.

Star Wars Rumor #02GeekTyrant claims that LucasArts is developing a sequel to the CGI-animated series Star Wars: Rebels with the help of its original creator, Dave Filoni. Disney+ will supposedly announce the series this spring, so we’ll find out if there’s any truth here soon enough.

Star Wars Rumor #03we recently reported that the producers of the live-action Star Wars series about Obi-Wan Kenobi are looking to cast young Luke Skywalker. Now, GeekTyrant theorizes Disney+ is also seeking someone to play young Princess Leia Organa. Regrettably, so far this rumor is pure conjecture.

Star Wars Rumor #04Making Star Wars claims that the next Star Wars movie trilogy will take place during the High Republic. This is the time about four centuries before the events of the first movie trilogy. However, considering the turbulent production history of new Star Wars movies as well as the fact there won’t be any Star Wars films until 2022, this rumor is unlikely.