Star Wars Backlash Documentary In The Works

    A documentary titled Episode Backlash is currently in production by British film producer Marc John. John, recently won a lawsuit against Lucasfilm related to the filming and broadcasting of an independent Star Wars convention shortly before the release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. You can read more on that here. According to John, the documentary will take a balanced, nuanced look at the fan backlash against the way Disney has handled the Star Wars movies and its fans.

    John says he will examine the genesis of the backlash, the hostility the fans are facing from the news media and whether or not their concerns that Star Wars has been hijacked by a left-wing agenda are valid. Here is an excerpt from John’s article about how he believes Disney failed at handling myth and femininity:

    “Disney’s Lucasfilm is expressing the feminine principle in an outward, literal sense, including at the expense of the male mythic archetypes, which makes things doubly worse. If you’re dealing in myth, you have to respect how those archetypal characters operate, male and female alike, and be true to their form. It’s not a gender competition. It’s a craft. Once you lose the symbolism and the subtlety, you’ve lost everything. That’s not a subjective point of view. It’s simply the DNA of mythology. ”

    And some more regarding how he will garner sources:

    “Travelling around the world to interview fans for this documentary isn’t practical. I have a set of questions for the community. I can put these forward for fans to answer on camera and then privately upload their videos to me.

    Submissions will be impartiality considered. Those selected will be edited together to reflect all sides of the argument. For the set of questions and guidelines, select the Send Me The Questions page, below, and follow the steps. Even if you think Star Wars is dead, tell me why.

    Film historians, university lecturers and mythology experts, among others, will also be giving their opinions. Filming has begun and will continue throughout 2019, to cover the reaction to Episode IX. Various other opinions will be sought here and there.”


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