Star Trek Discovery has Aired

    The first two episodes of Star Trek Discovery are now streaming on CBS All Access in the US on Netflix in 188 other countries. Head by Alex Kurtzman….yeah, that Alex Kurtzman, some notable stars of the series include:

    Michelle Yeoh as Captain Philippa Georgiou, Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham, Doug Jones as Lt. Saru, Jason Isaacs as Captain Gabriel Lorca.

    Given the politics behind this series (and pretty much everything else about it ) I doubt I will ever watch it.

    Some thoughts from those who have:

    “…I cannot say how much I loathe this reboot. This is not Star Trek.”

    “…Could have been a lot better then it was. I’m a Trekkie since I was a kid so I was looking forward to this show for a long time. I know they wanted to go in different direction but they went to far this time from what I saw tonight. I don’t care about who is playing what in the show, if your good at acting and the story is good then it will be good. In this case the acting was meh, not bad but not close to being great and the story was not wow considering how many delays and how long they had to write it.”

    “I hated it. Watched both episodes and couldn’t stand it. The change in the Klingon appearance is crap.”

    “I really liked this and has a lot of potential, Trek hasn’t been this good in decades and definitely the best pilot in all the Star Trek incarnations. Stick your protest votes in your worm hole

    “I had my doubts when i saw the trailers,because they were so lame ,but i find the new series pretty good ,for the first time since Deep Space Nine ,the pilot episode is not weird ,the acting is great,although the Klingons are played very bad ,i never saw something worse until now,only T’Kuvma is outstanding,i liked him as a character,he was a great adversary”

    “I know this is not like the old Star Trek, but it has great graphics , great Dolby surround,for the first time the lead-role is for the first officer a “beautiful “woman and her name is Michael !! After viewing two episodes i believe the story is very challenging and This promises a lot for the rest of the season. I already like this TV show very much and cannot wait for the next episode !”


    Oh, and since you celebrities absolutely can’t leave politics out of your work, I want to take a second to thank all you “#TakeTheKnee” celebs out there. Thank You!! Now I know exactly whose work to avoid from now on.   😎

    Disrespect my country and then get my money? Not in this lifetime.


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