Spacey-less All the Money in the World Trailer (2017)

    Well that was fast. They made the switch and got the movie out on time. I suppose this movie will truly put to test that old adage “Out of sight out of mind”.

    After Spacey-gate, keeping Kevin Spacey in the picture was apparently beyond unthinkable for Ridley Scott and the Studio so they did something never done before…they went back in and completely replaced an actors performance. Erased from history, he was. In his stead is now the veteran actor Christopher Plumner. Personally, I never had any intention of watching this regardless of who played the role of  J. Paul Getty but this notion of eradicating actors who have been caught up in scandal post-production is something that bears monitoring. What if Mark Wahlberg was hit with an accusation as well? Or Romain Duris? Hell, maybe some guy had it up to here with the whole #meetoo movement and decided to lob a complaint at Michelle Williams. Would they too, be erased? Inquiring minds want to know just how far Hollywood will go to appease the hungry mob.

    I just can’t wait to see who Hollywood replaces next…

    All the Money in the World starring Mark Wahlberg, Charlie Plummer, Michelle Williams, Romain Duris and…Christorpher Plummer is playing in theaters now.


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