Sony Snags The Rights To Craig Russell’s Gothic Horror Novel ‘Where The Devil Hides’

    Columbia has a lot of faith in novelist Craig Russell’s vision. His new novel ‘Where The Devil Hides’ is expected to be published April 2019 and Columbia Pictures has already snapped up the film rights.

    This isn’t the first of his novels to be optioned off. The BBC obtained the TV rights for his Lennox Novels which focuses on a shady private investigator in 1950’s Glasgow, Scotland.

    Synopsis for Where the Devil Hides:

    “Set in Eastern Europe, Where the Devil Hides follows a physician set to experiment on the six deadliest killers in history, who’ve been imprisoned for life within a remote mental asylum that has a dark history and bloody secrets all its own.”

    Not familiar with Mr. Russell’s work. But this kind of confidence encourages one to give him a try.

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